The Ultimate Sizing Machine
In Your Pocket

What if you can measure your body size with only a smartphone?

bodygram is the most accurate way of getting your body sizing information from your phone. Simply takes 2 photos of your front and side photos in form-fitting clothing with Bodygram and it will give you back your full body sizing data with confidence. To make this possible, Bodygram deploys sophisticated Artificial Intelligence techniques like Deep Learning Networks and Machine Learning algorithm trained with vast datasets to create ever-evolving body sizing technology that continues to become more intelligent as time evolves. The Bodygram technology is now a US Patented invention. We invite you to check out the video below to experience the magic of Bodygram and unleash your imagination in its application in e-Commerce, Apparel, Healthcare, Fitness sectors.

Just like a tailor who has vast experience measuring many customers or a nurse who performs medical checkups for many customers, bodygram is striving to become your personal body measurement assistant.

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