Body Measurement Technology at your fingertips.

What if you could easily obtain your detailed body measurements with just your smartphone?
Bodygram is an advanced AI powered technology that allows you to take accurate body measurements with just 2 photos on your phone.

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Our Technology

Technology of Bodygram

Bodygram is the most accurate technology to obtain your body measurements from your smartphone. We pride ourselves on three key pillars to make this sophisticated technology work.

  • Usability

    Bodygram is a user-friendly body measurement application. Simply take two photos, one from the front and one from the side, and enter basic information to obtain an accurate full-body measurement. The photos can be taken by yourself with our Selfie Mode and taken anywhere, including outdoors or indoors and against complicated backgrounds.

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  • Advanced AI

    Bodygram is capable of obtaining highly intricate body measurements with incredible accuracy. Bodygram’s AI first predicts a person’s body shape under their clothing using photos taken by a user against any background. Based on our AI deep learning model, we are then able to provide comprehensive body measurement data quickly and with the most reliable accuracy.

  • Security

    Our user’s physical information is protected at the same high level as their personal information. Companies using Bodygram's AI technology can safely access their customer’s user data in a highly secure environment.

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About Us

Our Vision

We provide a simple way to access human body data. Our mission is to bring wellness and happiness to people by helping them understand their body information.

Our Story

Our founder, Jin Koh, started Bodygram in 2015 under Stanford University’s new business development program, StartX. Jin had been operating an online made-to-order shirt company called Original Stitch and had observed first-hand the difficulty of obtaining precise body measurements. He created Bodygram, with the belief that there should be a technology that allows you to easily obtain your body measurements, regardless of where you are.
Three years later, in 2019, the Bodygram technology was completed and we began offering our product for commercial use. Today, we have 5 patents on our body measurement technology in the US and are currently filing for patents in Japan and China.
As a human-centric platform, our mission is for more people in the world to know their body measurement data so they can improve their lifestyle and live a healthy and happy life.

Founder / CEO
Jin Koh ジン・コー

Company Info

Bodygram Inc. Bodygram Japan K.K.
Ai body size estimation software and platform for enterprise users. Human digital body data platform, BodyBank.
S&T Jingumae Building 3F, 2-18-22 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan.

S&T Jingumae Building 3F, 2-18-22 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan.